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OCtober 2021 Trial

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Venue: NADAC
When: Oct. 23-24
Where: Hogdog Productions, 470 Ski Lane, Millersville, MD
Co-Hosted by Kinder-PUP, Inc. and Team Pawzazz
Show Committee

Judged by Jean Wilkins

Show Chairperson: Terry Wright
Show Secretary: Terry Wright
Chief Course Builder: Tom Moloney-Harmon
Equipment Manager: Clay Bachelor


  • Indoors with sand/sawdust mixture
  • Contact Surface: Rubberized contacts
  • Crating and setup probably from your car.
  • Briefing usually around 7:30am each day
  • First dog on the line: After judges briefing
  • Opening Date: No opening date
  • Closing Date: Promptly at noon, Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2021
  • Single run format
  • Entry Limits: 400 runs per day
Class: # of Rounds:
Tunnelers 1
Regular 2
Gamblers 1
Chances 1
Jumpers 1
Class: # of Rounds:
Regular 2
Chances 1
Jumpers 1
Weavers 1
Touch n Go 1