A note from Terry Wright, Pawzazz Agility:

I cannot begin to find the right words to express my deep thanks to all for everything you did this weekend.

For those who didn’t attend, our judge Ben Philibert, couldn’t come because he tested positive for COVID. Mary Phalon jumped in and judged for us as Scott Casino supervised.

As always, you jumped in and ran this trial. Both your deep experience and your commitment shone through.

Of all trials for this to happen, the printer decided to be a prima donna. If it wasn’t for the PZ tech field surgeons, it would have been sad. I brought it home but it doesn’t know yet that its’ replacement will arrive soon.

Food was great and lots of it. One more time, thanks to Joan for organizing and running the Road Kill Cafe (RKC).

Judge’s award went to Beth Grosscup for working every class she didn’t run in and more. Beth, you may feel unseen at times but we do know all that you contribute.

High In Trial (HIT) – It was hard to silently root for all four top contenders all day Sunday! In the morning there was a 4 way tie!  Karen and Gertie accumulated 100 points from the Novice Class, Lisa and Dexter and Charles and Jules both earned 110 and High in Trial went to Charles and Beau at 120!!!! All are top contenders who did superior work with happy teammates! We will be adopting Charles.

During both days, many of you popped up by the scoretable offering help and support. I appreciated it more than you will ever know.

Thanks again for what you made possible this weekend





Thanks Terry for all you do to make it possible for all of us to come and play!!!

Judy Whitbred

It was a great trial, lots of laughs and things ran smoothly.  Thank You Teri and Mary and Scott for doing all you did so we can come play with our dogs!
Jessica Taylor

Thanks to everyone who worked, played and made the trial a success.  BTW we will have another RKC.

Joan Sullivan

Joan, I’m soo glad!  

The first time I heard about “Road Kill Cafe”
I was scared because it sounded like a really bad hazing ritual.  I was grateful when Terry explained that it was not that crazy… it was more of a competitive eating contest.  

Love those crock pots!

Stew Harris

       “…Karen and Gertie accumulated 100 points from the Novice Class…”

WOO HOO for Karen and Gertie!!!  What a team!  
Wish we could have been there to see those great runs.
Deb B.

Terry, thanks so much for having trials so we can all play!!! Joan, RKC was the best!!! Congratulations to Beth and to the 4 HIT winners!!! Let’s do it again!!!

Pat and Tom Moloney

One thing I enjoyed was how many entries we had in every class. How cool to see so many Novice teams stepping to the line!  Especially Karen and Gertie raking in the Qs. And what a great bunch of Open teams that are really hitting their groove.
It was especially fun for me to be in such good company with so many 8” Elite dogs and their top-notch handlers. Many trials have very few dogs at 8”. But it wasn’t just that we were a more numerous than usual. I could really feel everyone lifting each other up.
Hearing Dexter’s theme song on every Regular run touches my heart. Thank you, Terry!
Thank you everyone for continuing the Pawzazz tradition of making our trials the kind of experience that everyone can’t wait to have again, full of love, laughter and learning.
Lisa Krizan

The music! In addition to her other duties, Terry puts on her DJ hat to provide our very own tunes for Regular and constant fun background music that helps our trials feel lighthearted!

Jackie Agnew

Helping out both days allowed me to visit more and see more amazing runs. The weekend ran like clockwork. Even when the printer argued with Terry and a handler went down, members jumped in to help, keeping everything moving smoothly. Scott and Mary were a dynamic duo throughout the weekend. It was a fun weekend.