At Kinder-Pup, we offer several levels of training to help meet the needs of our clients. We can take you from Beginner class thru Intermediate and Advanced levels

In our Beginner level classes, routinely teach all of the basic commands SIT, SIT STAY, DOWN, DOWN STAY, , HEEL, FAR ENOUGH, LEAVE IT, STAND, THE RECALL  and Eye Contact,  Our experience has been that the vast majority of dogs who are brought to school lack self control  because they have never been taught how to use it! Our primary goal is to give the dogs coping skills so that they can become calm enough to focus on the many tasks they need to learn.
After training with the dogs, a relaxed period of time is set aside to answer questions about resolving or preventing behavioral problems. Because our Beginner Level classes offer more depth and cover more information than the average obedience class, all dogs coming to Kinder-Pup for obedience training must enter at the Beginner Level.

Intermediate   training focuses on teaching the dogs to listen even with a great deal of distraction and ADVANCED completes the voyage towards complete control of the dog without a leash.