At Kinder-Pup, we are committed to helping dogs and people become closer and more committed to each other.

A well behaved dog is a treasure. He or she can go with you to many places and be welcomed. The dog can receive a great deal of exercise and pleasure when it is responsive both on and off lead.

To achieve the goal of owning a “well behaved dog” one can go the route of fear–“He will listen because I am the boss and he knows it!” or via the route of love “We have a powerful bond. I am the center of her universe and that awes me.”

Whatever a dog is, both good and bad, he is a combination of heredity and management. Heredity cannot be changed. If we want the dog to change (what he can change!) then we, the humans, the managers, must be willing to change.

By better understanding the needs and drives of the dog; by learning how to better understand and communicate with the dog, we become better teachers and perhaps, better people.

Love is not enough but it is a great and necessary beginning. Compassion is not enough but it is an integral part of teaching and learning. Intellect is not enough but it is necessary as a tool for success.

Being a good trainer means being a good teacher. A dog simply reflects his education or lack thereof.

When the relationship between the dog and human is maximized and the trust between the 2 is powerful, all kinds of wonderful and positive things will happen!