A note from Debi Hutchinson: Just want to send out huge “Thank You!! to everyone who attended our trial. Part of what you each agreed to when you chose to take classes with Pawzazz was to support our trials and it is noted and appreciated when you make an effort to do that.

To those of you who who come to every trial you can and work your tails off when you are there we send a gigantic thank you to each of you.

To those who stay till the bitter end and help with the cleanup while others are 1/2 way home ,you are appreciated way more than you know.

Congrats to all the HIT winners!!!!!!!!

Congrats to all who achieved personal goals!

Have a great holiday!!!

Special thanks to the phenomenal photographic talent Ken Briefel (who is excellent in the ring as well!) If you want to see more of Ken’s shots from the trial, visit his complete album. 

A note from Pam S: Thanks – this is my anniversary trial. My very first agility was this Pawzazz trial and Debbie Brown took me under her wing because I had not a clue of what I was doing. So the Memorial Day weekend trial holds a very special place in my heart and fun to share with people who I was in awe of that day!

Enjoyed this weekend won’t my 2 current partners but Zephyr was the girl that started it all.


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