Kinder-Pup Classes

To my students new and old:

It has been said to me that all of life is for growing, changing and evolving. There is truth to that.

The dilapidated old barn where so many good things happened over the past 30 some years was swept away from us by “progress”. We knew it was coming and have long searched for an alternative location.

Since we have failed to find that alternative, Terry has returned to the land of normal employment while Debi has been able to continue her work with PAWZAZZ, our outstanding Dog Agility Team at Hog Dog in Millersville.

However, long ago Terry promised you that if you needed help all you had to do was call or email me. She is keeping her word. If you need advice for a dog you trained with Kinder-Pup, Terry is available by phone or email.

If you have a new dog to train, Terry is accepting clients for in-home private training on a limited basis. The limitations are client location and the ability to find mutual times that work for both parties.

So, we love you all and thank you for so many wonderful years and the fur friends you shared with us!

To contact Debi pertaining to Agility, call 410-969 2600 or email

To contact Terry about obedience, call 410-969 2600 or email